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MASTERING...the final step before pressing...

Arguably the most demanding step in the entire process, requiring the discipline and discretion to know when to add, when to take away, and when to leave well enough alone. Mastering your project is a task best left to not just anybody. Too much manipulation can destroy the great sound you've already created. Ignoring opportunities for fine tuning can leave a recording sounding weak or incomplete. Rarely does a poorly mastered project find itself received well by the listening public. It's the polish that makes your sound shine.

Our mastering engineers have years of experience adding that little bit of "magic" to almost every conceivable musical style. Utilizing our "Audio Cube" suite and a complete set of analog mastering devices, we can make your mix ready for any distribution format.

Media production companies, broadcast companies, ad agencies, universities and government agencies all let ARS handle their post-sound production needs. Our fully automated, surround capable mixing desk and our ability to work with any format, sample rate, or platform are just some of the reasons our clients feel comfortable working with us.

Gary Cobb in Mastering SuiteWhy ARS?

• Decades of Mastering know-how with some of the best digital mastering equipment .
• High-end analog mastering.
• Experience in preparing mixes of every conceivable musical style, from acappela to zydeco.
• Full Satisfaction assured.

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