ARS Studios Testimonials

Gary, thank you so much for bringing your time and expertise to our Worship Arts Retreat at Camp Wonderland. I really appreciated you taking time out of your busy schedule to commute all the way up to Camp Wonderland, teaching seminars and running the audio board. But please know that all you did was very much appreciated and we look forward to working with you again on future projects.

- William Himes, The Salvation Army

Andy and Nate, I want to thank you for contributing to the success of the 2006 International Media Days. Your creativity and professionalism every step of the way confirmed my belief that we had the best team on the project. We faced many challenges together over the months of production and on-site execution from the 8 event locations, to producing 21 management presentations, a press event with the Duchess of York, 36 video roll-ins, to custom stages and 26 wireless microphones. Your talent and poise through these and the many other challenges helped create a professional atmosphere on the team.

- Eileen Steed, McDonald's Creative Services

Dina and Gary, thank you for allowing me to visit the ARS Studios and spending the time educating me about the recording business and answering my questions.

It appears that I have identified three positive aspects of recording with ARS.

  1. Your generous offer of allowing me to record at home allows me the essential flexibility to use my time in the most efficient manner.
  2. Your philosophy that the most important aspect of the recording is the actual performance itself as opposed to the electronic aspects is in complete agreement with my ideas.
  3. The entire start to finish process can be completed within your facility.

- Sincerely, Jerry Santoni